Monday, September 12, 2011

A New Day, A Fresh Start

I love Mondays. I have always loved Mondays. I know for many it means the beginning of a dreaded work week, back to the grind, or time for routines. But for me, Monday is the beginning of a new week. A fresh start. Last week was rough. Nothing bad happened but I was worn out. I have been working more days and haven't quite gotten used to my new schedule. By the time Friday arrived I wasn't sure if my feet would carry me thru the day.
So as the sun rose this morning, I was ready to get back at it. I had made up my mind to try the Couch to 5k again. I started it this past May but didn't make it past the fourth week because I let my work schedule and vacations get the best of me. You see, I love routines and schedules. They help me survive each week. So when something new creeps into my life it has the tendency to throw me off balance. But this NEW Monday I am determined to try harder. I completed Day One even though it seemed so much harder the second time.
Over Labor Day weekend, my mom, JT, and I made a quick trip to Charleston to visit my family. I love it there. Lots of family fun and fellowship and plenty of shopping.  JT had a blast playing with all his cousins and my mom and I caught up on some much needed family time.
JT is still loving school, which is great because I am not ready to fight an almost 6 year who doesn't want to go to school. Every Monday night, the teacher sends home a homework folder with several sheets in it that have to be completed and returned by Thursday.  I cannot imagine what his homework folder will be like when he is in the fifth grade...we will have to hire a tutor. All in all things are good around the Cofield house. I love you all!

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