Monday, September 12, 2011

A New Day, A Fresh Start

I love Mondays. I have always loved Mondays. I know for many it means the beginning of a dreaded work week, back to the grind, or time for routines. But for me, Monday is the beginning of a new week. A fresh start. Last week was rough. Nothing bad happened but I was worn out. I have been working more days and haven't quite gotten used to my new schedule. By the time Friday arrived I wasn't sure if my feet would carry me thru the day.
So as the sun rose this morning, I was ready to get back at it. I had made up my mind to try the Couch to 5k again. I started it this past May but didn't make it past the fourth week because I let my work schedule and vacations get the best of me. You see, I love routines and schedules. They help me survive each week. So when something new creeps into my life it has the tendency to throw me off balance. But this NEW Monday I am determined to try harder. I completed Day One even though it seemed so much harder the second time.
Over Labor Day weekend, my mom, JT, and I made a quick trip to Charleston to visit my family. I love it there. Lots of family fun and fellowship and plenty of shopping.  JT had a blast playing with all his cousins and my mom and I caught up on some much needed family time.
JT is still loving school, which is great because I am not ready to fight an almost 6 year who doesn't want to go to school. Every Monday night, the teacher sends home a homework folder with several sheets in it that have to be completed and returned by Thursday.  I cannot imagine what his homework folder will be like when he is in the fifth grade...we will have to hire a tutor. All in all things are good around the Cofield house. I love you all!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Coasting Along

Hey guys! I haven't posted in a while so I thought I would give yall a view of what all has been going on. Nothing much....which is good because that means no drama. JT has been having a blast in Kindergarten. He has adjusted so well to his new class and teachers.  I am so proud of my little man. His favorite days are Tuesdays and Fridays because those are PE days and he loves playing 'toilet tag'  and 'deer hunt' in the new gym.  When school started he told me that during nap time he was not going to take a nap, just rest. Well he has confessed to finally taking a nap at school.
I have started working an extra day and a half each week to make some extra money. And I am so thankful. I love my job and the people I work with. I am trying to be very diligent in saving money. We are hopefully planning another trip to Disney in February and then of course Vegas next summer. BUT I love to go, go, go so I am sure there will be several other trips in the meantime.  My mama and I are hoping to take JT to the ZOO in Jacksonville at the end of September while Chad is on a golfing trip. I love Jacksonville because they have awesome shopping places and of course...The Cheesecake Factory!
This weekend we are planning a quick trip to Atlanta to visit Chad's Grandma who just turned 96(I think).  We have not seen her in a while so we need to go for a visit. As much as I dislike traveling to and from Atlanta all in one day, it will be a great time of family fun....and food ;)
I love you all!!!!

Friday, August 12, 2011

I tried to be strong :(

So the big day finally arrived. JT's first day of Kindergarten. We went to Pinewood last night for Open House to find out who his teacher was and see all the kiddies who would be in his class. He was hoping for Mrs. Richey and guess what?? He was pleasantly surprised! As all the students started coming in the classroom and locating their cute little desks, I realized these two teacher are going to need lots of prayer :). JT has a great class that is full of some wild boys and precious little girls.
As hard as it was to get up early this morning as we began our old routine, we did it. JT had some breakfast, watched some cartoons, and finally donned the new PCA uniforms and we headed out the door. I must say, he looked sooo handsome. I was doing so well; taking a few pictures and saying a little prayer for his first day of K5. However, when we walked thru his classroom door, I lost it. I tried to be strong, I really did. But the tears did fall. My little JT was such a BIG boy and I was a proud mama.
I had to work today so I was sad that I wasn't able to pick him up after school. So when he got in Daddy's truck, he texted me and said he had a good day. He did however tell his teacher that he wanted to go back to K4 when he found out they would not be having show-n-tell in his new class.  Needless to say he was disappointed!
All in all today was a huge success. And I promise the tears will not return on Monday. Much love to you all! Xoxo

Monday, August 8, 2011

Catching Up....

Things have been moving right along here lately. Although nothing overly exciting has happened, we are still enjoying life. Chad and I have started teaching Jr High Youth Sunday School. He is with the boys and I am with the girls. I have never considered myself a teacher and I am thoroughly prepared to 'learn' more than the students but I know this is an awesome opportunity that God has brought to us. Yesterday was the first new Sunday and we both had a great and full class. Speaking for myself, all those girls are so so precious and I am excited to be working with each of them.
Today was JT's last Monday before school starts back. We have had a lazy family kind of day. We rode the mule which is one of JT's favorite things to do. Hit some golf balls in the heat and watched lots of cartoons. We have been fortunate enough that Chad's schedule has allowed him to keep JT for most of the summer. They have had LOTS of bonding time. Most of which included Daddy and Son wrestling matches in our bedroom. JT may be bruised from head to toe and Chad may walk a little slower, but my guys have had a blast together. I know Chad will miss JT when he goes back to school this Friday.
Loving Life and All of yall....Xoxo

Saturday, July 30, 2011

All in one weekend

We have had an exciting and busy weekend...and its not even over yet.  When I got home from work Friday afternoon, a very excited JT met me at the door. He has his first loose tooth! We have been anxiously awaiting this day. And of course I got teary eyed because I cannot believe my baby is old enough for this milestone. So after I assured him that Daddy would not have to 'punch him in the face' to help his tooth fall out, he started wiggling away to loosen it up more.
Chad and I had a couples wedding shower to attend tonight. JT stayed with my in laws for a few hours and when we returned to pick him up he had another surprise for us. JT has learned how to ride his bike without training wheels! So even though it was dark outside, we shined the headlights on JT and he showed me his talent. Cue more tears...I mean really??!! Not sure how much more I can take. But I was so proud. There is no greater emotion than watching your child learn to do something and seeing him so excited about it.
Tomorrow is Sunday Funday. We have church in the morning and then we will enjoy some great family time for lunch at my Mama's.  The Grammy nominated, New Song, will be in concert at Eastside tomorrow night and we are all so excited about the show. It will be awesome.
Only two more weeks left before my little man returns to school. I have so many things I want us to do together before he starts back but I am not sure how soon they will happen. We are hoping to get in a trip to the Jacksonville Zoo very soon.....Loving My Family! Xoxo

Monday, July 25, 2011

Wonderful Weekend

I had an awesome weekend with my family and some great friends. Chad played in an annual golf tournament at the Westin in Savannah.  In the past, we have always reserved a room and stayed for the enjoy a little grown-up time lol.  However, in our efforts to cut back on our frivolous spending and to stay faithful to a commitment of being in church, we decided to come home after his round of golf on Saturday.
So as Chad headed to the golf course on Hutcheson Island, I met up with my friend Amanda to enjoy a little bit of downtown Savannah. We did a little shopping(just a little), walked around River Street(with hundreds of other tourists), and hung out by the pool(that was full of kids). The weather was hot but still enjoyable. And even though JT is always at the forefront of my mind, I was enjoying my day. As soon as Chad finished his first round of golf we enjoyed some supper then headed home to our little man.
Sunday morning we headed to Sunday School for some great worship and fellowship. At the last minute me and JT decided to go back to Savannah with Chad. Nothing more precious than some quality time with my bubba.  When quickly grabbed a parking spot near City Market and I began showing JT all the neat attractions of downtown. Now after a grueling 10 minutes I was sweating like a man and miserable. So as crazy as it may seem I agreed to escape with JT to  enjoy some air condition at Toys-R-Us.
We made the rounds all over Savannah and enjoyed lots of Mama and Son time. Despite Chad's best efforts, JT is going to be a pretty good little shopper. He loves pushing the buggy around and picking out lots of accessories for Mama. Too bad he doesn't make enough money to pay for them ha! We finally pick up an exhausted Chad from the golf course at 6pm, grab a fattening but delicious drive-thru hamburger and head home. My bed never felt so good after my weekend of roaming the city. Much Love xoxo

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

...Until We're Wrinkled??

I cannot believe that summer is flying by! I hate it. JT starts school in three weeks and I am so not happy about it. So in my best attempt to put my foot down and pretend that our summer vacation is not nearing the end, we are spending the entire day tomorrow(I hope) at the pool. When I was telling JT my plan he asked me, until we are wrinkled? Yes until we are as wrinkled as a prune.
JT's girlfriend Payton is spending the night tonight and for the exception of Chad we are all sprawled out in the living room slumber party style. And I am enjoying it. So as soon as the sun is up we will be putting on our swimsuits, grabbing the suntan lotion and headed to that large cool body of water that has become my local paradise.  Ham & cheese and PB&J sandwiches are a definite on the menu. I would love to lay on the lounge chair as long as possible and soak up the rays. However if the weather pattern continues I am sure I will not last in the heat. Xoxo