Friday, August 12, 2011

I tried to be strong :(

So the big day finally arrived. JT's first day of Kindergarten. We went to Pinewood last night for Open House to find out who his teacher was and see all the kiddies who would be in his class. He was hoping for Mrs. Richey and guess what?? He was pleasantly surprised! As all the students started coming in the classroom and locating their cute little desks, I realized these two teacher are going to need lots of prayer :). JT has a great class that is full of some wild boys and precious little girls.
As hard as it was to get up early this morning as we began our old routine, we did it. JT had some breakfast, watched some cartoons, and finally donned the new PCA uniforms and we headed out the door. I must say, he looked sooo handsome. I was doing so well; taking a few pictures and saying a little prayer for his first day of K5. However, when we walked thru his classroom door, I lost it. I tried to be strong, I really did. But the tears did fall. My little JT was such a BIG boy and I was a proud mama.
I had to work today so I was sad that I wasn't able to pick him up after school. So when he got in Daddy's truck, he texted me and said he had a good day. He did however tell his teacher that he wanted to go back to K4 when he found out they would not be having show-n-tell in his new class.  Needless to say he was disappointed!
All in all today was a huge success. And I promise the tears will not return on Monday. Much love to you all! Xoxo

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  1. Aww! So sweet and made me cry! They grow up too fast!