Monday, August 8, 2011

Catching Up....

Things have been moving right along here lately. Although nothing overly exciting has happened, we are still enjoying life. Chad and I have started teaching Jr High Youth Sunday School. He is with the boys and I am with the girls. I have never considered myself a teacher and I am thoroughly prepared to 'learn' more than the students but I know this is an awesome opportunity that God has brought to us. Yesterday was the first new Sunday and we both had a great and full class. Speaking for myself, all those girls are so so precious and I am excited to be working with each of them.
Today was JT's last Monday before school starts back. We have had a lazy family kind of day. We rode the mule which is one of JT's favorite things to do. Hit some golf balls in the heat and watched lots of cartoons. We have been fortunate enough that Chad's schedule has allowed him to keep JT for most of the summer. They have had LOTS of bonding time. Most of which included Daddy and Son wrestling matches in our bedroom. JT may be bruised from head to toe and Chad may walk a little slower, but my guys have had a blast together. I know Chad will miss JT when he goes back to school this Friday.
Loving Life and All of yall....Xoxo

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