Friday, July 15, 2011

Blogging huh??

So I thought I would try out the world of blogging...obviously I am new at this. But I love checking out my friend's blogs so I thought, why not? I have thoroughly enjoyed my best friend, Jessica's blog because she is an awesome writer. I dont ever expect to compare but this seems like fun!
So maybe I should start with whats going on with The Cofield's. Nothing entirely exciting but we are loving life.  JT, who will be 6 in October, is definitely the center of our little universe. As independent as he is, he still has some insecurity issues. For instance, everytime we talk about him moving up to kindergarten this year he changes the subject. He loves school, no doubt about that. So I am crossing my fingers that the first day will be an easy transition...for BOTH of us haha!
All that being said, I cannot belive summer vacation is nearing the end. We have had a great summer. Chad and I went to Vegas this first week of June. This was my second trip to 'sin city' as some people call it. And it was just as fabulous as the first time I went. I am already planning my next vacay out west. I have a slight vegas obsession.  JT and I spent a relaxing week in Daytona Beach. It was hard to come home, but because Chad was unable to go with us, we were ready to get back to Claxton at the end of that week. Between VBS, regular trips to the pool, the movies, and the clubhouse, we have had an adventurous and HOT summer.
So how did I do for my first blog entry?? Wait....maybe you shouldnt answer that. Accepting criticism is not always easy. Hopefully I will be back soon......xoxo


  1. You did great! I hope you write often. :)

  2. FIRST FOLLOWER!!! Woohoo! It was a great entry! Thanks for the shout out! Love you mucho!