Wednesday, July 20, 2011

...Until We're Wrinkled??

I cannot believe that summer is flying by! I hate it. JT starts school in three weeks and I am so not happy about it. So in my best attempt to put my foot down and pretend that our summer vacation is not nearing the end, we are spending the entire day tomorrow(I hope) at the pool. When I was telling JT my plan he asked me, until we are wrinkled? Yes until we are as wrinkled as a prune.
JT's girlfriend Payton is spending the night tonight and for the exception of Chad we are all sprawled out in the living room slumber party style. And I am enjoying it. So as soon as the sun is up we will be putting on our swimsuits, grabbing the suntan lotion and headed to that large cool body of water that has become my local paradise.  Ham & cheese and PB&J sandwiches are a definite on the menu. I would love to lay on the lounge chair as long as possible and soak up the rays. However if the weather pattern continues I am sure I will not last in the heat. Xoxo


  1. lol Well this was actually from Wednesday night it just didnt post until yesterday. Me and You need a pool day....Xoxo