Monday, July 25, 2011

Wonderful Weekend

I had an awesome weekend with my family and some great friends. Chad played in an annual golf tournament at the Westin in Savannah.  In the past, we have always reserved a room and stayed for the enjoy a little grown-up time lol.  However, in our efforts to cut back on our frivolous spending and to stay faithful to a commitment of being in church, we decided to come home after his round of golf on Saturday.
So as Chad headed to the golf course on Hutcheson Island, I met up with my friend Amanda to enjoy a little bit of downtown Savannah. We did a little shopping(just a little), walked around River Street(with hundreds of other tourists), and hung out by the pool(that was full of kids). The weather was hot but still enjoyable. And even though JT is always at the forefront of my mind, I was enjoying my day. As soon as Chad finished his first round of golf we enjoyed some supper then headed home to our little man.
Sunday morning we headed to Sunday School for some great worship and fellowship. At the last minute me and JT decided to go back to Savannah with Chad. Nothing more precious than some quality time with my bubba.  When quickly grabbed a parking spot near City Market and I began showing JT all the neat attractions of downtown. Now after a grueling 10 minutes I was sweating like a man and miserable. So as crazy as it may seem I agreed to escape with JT to  enjoy some air condition at Toys-R-Us.
We made the rounds all over Savannah and enjoyed lots of Mama and Son time. Despite Chad's best efforts, JT is going to be a pretty good little shopper. He loves pushing the buggy around and picking out lots of accessories for Mama. Too bad he doesn't make enough money to pay for them ha! We finally pick up an exhausted Chad from the golf course at 6pm, grab a fattening but delicious drive-thru hamburger and head home. My bed never felt so good after my weekend of roaming the city. Much Love xoxo

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